How It Works

Choose a programme:

If you’re not sure which programme is right for you, we can discuss your symptoms to pick the correct one. You then commit to the programme for the next 2-3 months depending on how severe your symptoms are. For gut related issues – I recommend a 3-month programme since it involves building new food habits based on your current lifestyle and goals. Habits take time to build, and a 3-month period is ideal to give space for any setbacks along the way and to get your body and brain get used to these new changes.

Initial consultation:

This is where I understand more about you. We will discuss your health concerns, your health goals through the programme, family health history, your routine and lifestyle.
We will also:

  • Discuss your previous history with diets, food habits, relationship to food, allergies;
  • Discuss with you foods that may be contributing to your symptoms
  • Discuss sleep patterns and stress levels
  • Suggest foods that may help alleviate your symptoms
  • Provide supplement recommendations (if needed)
  • Suggest lifestyle recommendations (if needed)
  • Recommend certain laboratory tests (if needed)
  • Talk about your current commitments or time constraints so we can work towards weekly or monthly goals accordingly

Your time with Reset

Depending on the initial consultation and severity of symptoms, we will speak once a week or once every two weeks. This is where we will discuss progression, setbacks, wins, and new ideas as we go along. You will also have my support through email, or text/Whatsapp on any day you may have questions regarding your nutrition plan.
The aim is to strengthen your relationship with food, for even after the programme ends.


You can email me, or drop a message here to book an appointment with me.
You can discuss your symptoms with me and I can help you chose the prgoramme that would help you the most.
If you have any recent blood reports, keep them handy. Other than that, nothing at all!

It is preferable to pay upfront for a short term programme.
For long term programmes, please get in touch so we can discuss payment plans.

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