Consistent poor food choices put an extra burden on our gut, which is also known as our second brain. It houses 70% of our immune system.

So when our gut is struggling to be fit and healthy, then so are we.

Our lifestyle has a big impact on how our digestive system works. So it’s important that we look into stress, sleep, exercise and make sure that these external factors are in balance to help support out gut.

By learning all of these principles of what makes up a healthy balanced diet (and lifestyle!) and leaning the ‘why’ behind each area of healthy living, you will be able to reset those bad habits, learn how quick and easy it can be to prepare and cook healthy good, as well as give your gut that well-earned ‘reset’ so that you can feel happier and healthier inside and out.

Why should you do a gut cleanse?
It is designed to help if you are: 

  • Struggling with ‘sluggish digestion’ or have less than one bowel movement per day.
  • Lacking in energy, concentration & focus.
  • Suffering with occasional bloating and feeling of fullness.
  • Craving sugar, caffeine and carbs or becoming ‘hangry’
  • Always getting coughs and colds or feeling run down
  • Need inspiration and guidance of how to have a healthy balanced diet
  • Struggling with your weight
  • Experiencing minor skin outbreaks
  • Have a history of fad diets

You don’t have to experience chronic GI distress, but if just want to rebalance your gut and improve your overall health, a gut cleanse is just for you! 

It may be time to give your system a break and replenish it with good bacteria.
Fibre rich, gut friendly pre & probiotics, clean and wholesome food in this 5 or 7 – day gut cleanse.
All recipes are provided with the programme.
We can also customize a longer gut cleanse for you based on your taste preferences.

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