Capsule 90

This 1:1 nutrition plan is for you if you’re ready to work on your health goals in a holistic way so you can achieve long lasting results.
If you’re ready to become confident with your food choices for better energy, gut health & hormonal balance, then keep reading!

Raise your hand if any of these apply to you:

  • You’ve been through the fad diets (do I hear keto?),
  • You’ve been asked to quit gluten & sugar, 
  • You’ve been asked to “just lose weight” to feel healthier?
  • You’re struggling with fatigue, bloating, hair fall, acne or unexplained joint pain – yes, these can all be signs of poor gut health! 
  • You’ve eaten more fiber to fix your constipation, but ended in greater discomfort?
  • You’ve had an antacid to help your acidity thinking it’s due to high stomach acid? 
  • You’re struggling with lowering your cholesterol despite leading a healthy lifestyle? (And no, statins are not the answer to lowering cholesterol levels),
  • You’ve blindly taken antibiotics with absolutely no difference to your symptoms,
  • You have PCOS, and have been told to get on the pill
Worst of all.. you’ve googled up your conditions and try to fix it all by yourself trying every single thing they say on the Internet only to fall flat on your face! Even if you do manage to get the situation under control, you aren’t able to completely eradicate the problem because it comes back again after a few months? 
(Did I hear a silent yes?)

I’ve struggled with my weight, anxiety, sleep, and low energy levels for as long as I can remember.

I used to eat a somewhat healthy meal and expect the scale to show me a different picture the next morning. I was obsessed with seeing the number on the scale to change on a daily basis. A few grams low, and my day would automatically get better. I would mentally feel like I’ve conquered something. A few grams up, and the defeat would take over my day. It would then be followed by self-sabotage, criticism, skipping meals in the day, and then – binge eating at night!

I was so focused on losing weight (which I was anyway failing at), that I didn’t notice my sleep getting disturbed because of my lifestyle & hormonal imbalance, which further led to anxiety (diagnosed as asthma in my case), and all this led to fatigue!

I’ve been there too…


I’d search through YouTube links for 20-minute weight loss workouts, and I’d also do them for 2 days – but that was my level of consistency. I’d go right back to square one after that because I didn’t know how to balance everything.

I’d pick one thing and do only that – so if I thought walking would help, I’d walk until my legs hurt. If I read somewhere that squats were the answer to my health problems, then here come 100 squats! Don’t laugh at me, but I also went through a phase where I just ate oranges for some reason – don’t even remember where I got that advice from, and no, that didn’t do any good to my health! I was basically running around like a headless chicken waiting for some miracle to happen. I was hoping one day I’d just wake up looking like how I wanted! There was zero balance in everything I did. It was all or nothing – and now I realize, it was nothing!

When I studied nutrition during my MSc., I realized that health and fitness is not just about weight loss. It’s so much more than that!

I’ll tell you what health means to me:
For me, good health is when you feel well rested after a night’s sleep & you’re able to go through the day with stable energy levels. These two aspects are just two of many indicators of hormonal balance, which is the proper functioning of the vast chemical messenger system in the body. And a healthy hormonal balance is achieved when you work on four things: sleep, stress, strength & sustenance!

So good health to you can be summed up into this 4S framework!
Have a look at why they all matter & how they’re interconnected.

Working on gut health doesn’t mean adding fiber to your diet. It means finding the root cause of why you’re going through certain symptoms.

Within weeks of working on my gut, I felt like I had better energy levels, so I started working out!

This meant my body was producing certain hormones that supported better mood, less stress, leading to better quality sleep! The importance of the gut changed my life, literally – and this time, I truly felt like I had achieved something!

You never truly reach nirvana, but as long as you’re moving forward – that’s all that matters!

Let me tell you about one of my clients who has completely transformed her life by healing her gut with my 1:1 Gut reset

When she first came to me, she had probably had 10-15 rounds of antibiotics in the few years before that because of some digestion issues (completely not needed, but we should never argue with doctors).

These medications had damaged her gut to such a great extent that she could barely walk 10 minutes in the house without getting tired. Work from home was basically work from bed in her case because she couldn’t imagine sitting up to work all day!

She was full of negativity, and felt so hopeless about feeling better. She was frustrated!

We started with baby steps. I helped her create easy habits each week that suited her lifestyle. Simple ways to start drinking more water, or simple ways to increase her stamina. One by one, we worked on every aspect (4S). Initially, she thought she kept failing, because she wanted to feel better so bad and wanted it overnight! She was following everything beautifully, but her mindset was still in another zone – a zone of failure. One of things I asked her to do first was to not check her weight! If her gut health was poor, if she was so exhausted, then the scale would only go one way. So what’s the point of upsetting yourself? Instead we worked on creating habits that made her feel better, habits that brought back her energy, and I tell you – weight loss always follows! Like I said earlier, the body is incredible, just learn to read cues!

See where she is now:

Let me tell you about another client of mine:

A girl in her early 20s enrolled in my program to get help for her constipation that was leading to massive anxiety. Low energy levels, hairfall, PMS symptoms, trouble sleeping, acid reflux were her symptoms. We got to the root cause through blood work and a detailed consultation, where we discovered that the root cause of her symptoms was poor gut health.

Again, we worked through the 4S – sleep, stress, strength & sustenance to heal her gut.

With the help of our weekly check ins – we were able to track her food intake! We came up with solutions to help lower her anxiety, especially after work when a lot of stress was released and she just didn’t know what to do with her time. She’d just snack and then eat a whole dinner after that. Through my 1:1 support, she now understands her hunger cues better and she can differentiate between emotional & physical hunger! The result of that – controlled anxiety, no more constipation, and freedom to make her food choices based on how her day is going!

Capsule 90 will help you:

  • Identify any gut issues that you may have
  • Work on your health goals & nutritional deficiencies
  • Track your sleep and stress levels, and help you learn about your emotions behind food and how these elements affect your gut & overall health
  • Develop a meal plan keeping in mind your particular tastes and lifestyle
  • Get rid of fatigue and improve your immunity
  • Find a physical activity that you truly enjoy
  • Get to the root cause of your symptoms and work on your lifestyle to make it a permanent solution!

The ultimate aim is to help you feel like yourself again while you develop a better relationship with food!

This 3 months or 6 months (whichever you pick) program includes:

  • Onboarding call
  • Weekly one – on – one calls
  • Support over text and/or email at all times
  • Customized meal plan catering to your tastes and food habits
  • Exciting recipes (all ready in under 30 minutes) shared exclusively with you to help reach your health goals while ensuring you don’t feel like you’re missing out on your favourite food